Striking, kicking, grappling, felling.  All fighting techniques can be categorized in one of these four ways.

Punches, elbows, open hand strikes, finger strikes.  An attack using the hand or arm to impact your opponent.

Kicking with the different parts of the foot, knees, or shins.  An attack using the foot or leg to impact your opponent.

Joint locks and breaks, wrestling, chokes.  Controlling your opponent through holds, leverage, and pressure points, causing pain or damage.

Also called throwing.  An attack whereby you bodily throw, trip, push, pull, or sweep your opponent off their feet.

By addressing all four ways of fighting, a Shaolin Kempo Karate practitioner reduces his vulnerability because he is ready for any type of attack.  By being a more well rounded fighter, the kempo practitioner is also in a better position to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses and gaps in fighting knowledge. 

To paraphrase Sun Tzu in The Art of War, attack where the enemy is weak, and draw back where he is strong.  Take advantage of your strengths and exploit their weaknesses.



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